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Although I am many different things to many different people, my heart wishes to be identified with God, as a child of God, an individual who prays for forgiveness, guidance, to know and share unconditional love and gratitude for life. My hopes are that my writings will help to teach children gratitude for life, positivity, and an awareness for making responsible choices. I am an animal lover who owns several sheep and angora rabbits as pets. I love sharing my pets on therapy visits, and also enjoy spinning the sheep’s yearly shearing and the bunnies naturally shed wool into yarn.

In my travels as a caregiver, I have met many amazingly courageous and beautiful people. Each person, who I was fortunate enough to meet and take care of, I carry in my heart. They truly have changed my life and taught me many beautiful things. These experiences I believe to be a greater education than any textbook or classroom education that I have had in the past.

I have a plaque that hangs by my door. I can’t remember where, or even when, I came across it however, I treasure it. I see it daily, and try to live up to the words. It goes as follows:

A teacher’s prayer……

One day I would like to teach,

just a few people,

many and beautiful things,

that would help them

when they will one day teach-a few people

I have 5 beautiful grandchildren. One of my grandsons faced many difficult chronic medical issues each day. My heart breaks each day because of the many challenging situations he and other children in similar situations endure. He was an amazingly strong person. The dignity with which he embraced life and all the challenges each day brings, leaves an unforgettable and remarkable imprint on my life.

Often times the chronic sorrow that one lives with, makes us truly grateful with heightened awareness every moment of every day. It is because of this awareness of how precious each moment is, that makes me strive to want to teach children from a very young age awareness and gratitude for life. If we have our eyes opened to gratitude and are taught from a young age to recognize the positive characteristics, and contributions that surround us the outcome will be one of respect for all humankind and animal-kind as well.

I truly believe that Peace and Respect for all living creation is a very attainable goal. Every person can be a teacher. When you practice respect, you are teaching respect.

Perhaps the answer to attaining this is as the Teacher’s Prayer states. If each one of us starts with teaching just a few people, many and beautiful things, so they can one day teach a few people. As this continues on and on we can make Gratitude, Hope, Joyfulness, and love abound.

With respect, hope, joy and love,


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We may not always see eye to eye but we can walk hand in hand and promote peace

We may not always see eye to eye but we can walk hand in hand and promote peace

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